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cliche_shredder's Journal

Serious Creative Writing
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This community is for serious creative writers who strive to better their work and style. There should only be creative criticism. We're all serious about writing and being rude in a review is ignorant and puerile. However, opinions are more than welcome, I'm sure. Please, if you read, comment about the piece. Questions are allowed if it's concerning writing or publishing.

When submitting (I can't stress this enough), please write in the subject the title, the type of work (poetry, short story, play etc.) and the genre. Make sure it's in a readable format, too. I.e. Untitled/Poetry/? (if you're not sure the genre, don't worry about it). Every submission should be your own work.

I'm new as a moderator, but I'll do my best.

And a very important note: At all costs AVOID CLICHES! Nothing kills the mood more than a poem or story drenched in cliches. Think carefully on your words and the words of others when you review.

Other than that, contact me if interested. Good luck.

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